The beat goes on for North Syracuse Police

One apple doesn't spoil the batch the old saying goes.

In North Syracuse, Mayor John Heindorf and his police department are adhering to that adage in more ways than one, trying to run a village as scandal swirls around the North Syracuse Municipal building it seems on a daily basis.

In the last month, two officers and one former chief of police have been arrested for allegedly meddling with time sheets, bilking the village "thousands and thousands" of dollars, according to Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick.

The department is also being sued by the officer who initiated the double-dipping investigation by the DA, Michael Stassi. Stassi is also suing the town board, Mayor Heindorf, and former police chief David Wilkinson.

Despite the upheavel, Mayor Heindorf said the department is no way shape or trouble of operating at it's fullest capacity.

"We just appointed Roberta Comerford, a Captain in the National Guard, to take over as sergeant," he said. "And Connelly is doing an outstanding job. Our officers have the utmost respect for him, he's a no nonsense kind of guy, and that's what we need right now."

For Police Chief Thomas Connelly, a by-the-books officer who as, Heindorf said earlier, "oozes integrity out of his pores," has inherited the responsibility of re-juggling the officers' hours in order to ensure the 30 miles-or-so of village streets are safe.

He said losing two officers -- Sgt. Daniel Keefe and Captain Michael Casey -- out of a 12-man department does not hinder the units ability to operate, but just adds that much stress to an already busy job.

"There's been no change in the activity or arrests made or anything like that," he said. "But I did lose my two supervisors (with those arrests), which leaves a lot of extra work for me and Comerford."

The North Syracuse Police Department is currently looking to hire more officers, Connelly said.

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