Cicero residents still grappling with water, town

Cicero Engineers have completed the first part of the Glendora Road water removal project.

Director of zoning and planning Jay Seitz said the drainage swale running from Route 11 to the end of Glendora Road has been cleared. The swale was filled almost to ground level with debris and silt, he said.

"When we were clearing the drainage swales, we actually found a chair," he said. "The thing was catching all sorts of debris."

Seitz said since clearing the swale, water has been draining from the area much better.

"We removed the blockage. Now it's deep enough to retain water, and flow is much better," he said. "But we still must remind residents to keep any debris out of the swale, or it can back up again."

Seitz said some residents may have to "modify" what he considers obstacles to well flowing drainage, including fences, swimming pools and sheds.

"It's hard for water to get by that kind of stuff," he said.

Part of a $30,000 project, the next phase of the project consists of reviewing all the pipes and catch basins around highways Interstate 81 and Route 11. It is a job that will require more than the Cicero engineer's office.

"We'll have the county and our own DPW working with engineers, making sure everything is up to code," Seitz said.

For people whose homes were flooded, Seitz said he anticipates mailing out letters, asking to inspect the damage any flood waters may have caused.

"We'll come out and check everybody's drainage situation on a case-by-case basis," he said. "After that we'll see what we can do where appropriate."

Seitz said he plans to have most of this checklist completed by year's end.

Next year, Seitz plans to clear the channel running from Glendora Road down to Cicero Plaza, better known as Wal-Mart Plaza.

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