Bombard faces off withSkaneateles

Coti said he agreed with provisions set forth in a letter issued by a town attorney Teresa Roney that correspondance between Bombard and town should be in writing, and that both town codes enforcement officials, Williams and Todd Hall, will be allowed on the property for inspections. Coti added that there does not appear to be a personality conflict between Bombard and Hall, but his client will cooperate with whichever codes enforcement officer is assigned to the project.

Bombard lives here and loves this town, Coti said, and he is frustrated that he is losing valuable time and money.

When Coti was finished with his review of Bombard's case he asked if there were any questions. Town attorney Mary Kendrick Gaffney asked Bombard if he had put up signs without permits?

This enraged Bombard who approached the board himself at this point. He wondered why she was asking this question while they were discussing another issue. Gaffney pointed out that he had disregarded signage codes before.

Bombard then told Tierney that he came to see him soon after the supervisor was elected to explain the project, which he called a significant upgrade to the eastern gateway to the town. He said he asked Tierney to get involved and never heard back from him.

Bombard was visibly upset and emotional, telling Tierney to not judge him unless he knew him.

When Skaneateles resident Dick Lynch, who was in attendance, criticized him for losing his cool, Bombard said, "I am always out of control because I tell the truth. I am a very emotional guy."

Bombard told Tierney he was upset because the town keeps changing what is required of him.

"I am just trying to do my part," Bombard said. "I don't want any special favors."

"We would be happy to work with you in a cooperative manner," Tierney said.

He then told Bombard and Coti that the board would review the matter and moved on to the next order of business.

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