Kim's Whims--Cassidy: A memorial to my friend for life

For a dog that had "parents" that traveled a lot, Cassidy was not a good traveler. She would pant and whine and never sit still in the backseat of the car; she would just never allow herself to get comfortable. Being the spoiled princess that she was, the only place she wanted to be was on the lap of the driver with her head out the window. Cassidy was no fool and she, like her owners, enjoyed the finer things in life.

Bringing this dog to the gas station was a task; let alone on a week long vacation, but Cassidy did not go to a kennel, so she came along. The entire trip became centered on her and when she had to eat, pee, and her comfort level. So, to repay us for all of our pampering of her on this jaunt, one day when we decided to leave her in the cabin at the KOA campsite, she peed all over our sleeping bags, pillows and clothes. Everything had to be washed and dried that evening before we could go to sleep. Thank goodness we were at a KOA and not really roughing it somewhere in the deep woods. Once again, way to go Cassidy! You always made life exciting.

The sock eater

Watch out what you ask for because you just might get it. I used to dream of the day that I would have a matching pair of socks somewhere in the house that didn't have a hole in them. Why you ask? See, Cassidy had a sock fetish; she loved grabbing dirty socks out of the laundry basket. Then she would go hide in one of her secret spots and chew on them. If you tried to grab the sock from her she would growl and get very angry. These were the times I was afraid she would bite me, the hand that fed her, so I would trick her and then go grab the sock when she wasn't looking. However, if it were too late there would always be a hole in the sock. Cassidy had a good fashion sense too because she never picked a cheap pair of socks to suck on. I really wish that she was still around to ruin my clothing. Again, Cassidy, I commend you on your love of socks and your impeccable fashion sense.

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