Kim's Whims--Cassidy: A memorial to my friend for life

Sometime back I mentioned in a column of mine that my dog Cassidy, a beautiful Cockerspaniel was sick. She was a strong girl and lived a happy healthy life until the end. Although, as the circle of life goes she was laid to rest on Nov. 27. It was hard to watch her go, but it would have been harder to continue to watch her suffering in pain. She had developed a cancerous growth on her leg that was making it difficult for her to walk and anemia was causing her to have bloody noses sometimes. But through it all she still frolicked around and even enjoyed her last doggy treat outside in the grass. I have many fond memories of Cassidy, some of which I would like to share.

The meter reader

Cassidy was a very territorial dog and did not like strangers entering her space. Whenever the doorbell rang she went nuts. She would cease barking almost immediately and sneak in for a pet if she recognized the person at the door; however, if she did not, it was difficult to get her to stop barking, although she was harmless--with no bite, if you know what I mean.

Once when a meter reader came to the door, I let him in and Cassidy commenced her incessant barking. This guy must have been terrified of dogs because he was holding out his handheld computer in a motion to fend her off like she was a hundred-pound Doberman or something. He backed his way up outside again and asked if I would put her away before he came in. I laughed at him and placed her in her traveling cage, where she often slept. Way to go Cassidy! Who knew a Cockerspaniel could be such a great guard dog.

The Adirondack vacation

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