Carncross Trial Brief

The trial of James Carncross, the 21-year-old accused of causing the death of Trooper Craig Todeschini, during a high-speed chase in Pompey this past April began on Nov. 27. The trial is expected to last two weeks.

Day 1

The prosecution argued that Carncross knew Todeschini was chasing him, but the defense is insisted that Trooper Todeschini brought his death on himself.

Day 2

Prosecutor Bill Fitzpatrick said, "Trooper Todeschini did not have enough time, nor enough maneuver ability to react to the roads that were facing him. He began to break his vehicle, he steered to the right, and wound up on Cherry Street spur where he smashed into that tree at just under 50 miles an hour."

Defense attorney Salvatore Piedmonte said, "The evidence will show that Trooper Todeschini died as a direct result of violating that limit. The primary cause of death was excessive speed at this intersection. Had he followed the pursuit manual, we wouldn't be standing here today."

Day 3

Eyewitness Robert Good, who was one of the last people to see Trooper Todeschini alive gave his testimony.

"I saw the trooper in his vehicle " Good said.

"Did you say anything to him?" District Attorney William Fitzpatrick asked.

"I asked him if he was alright, and he didn't respond in anyway. He kind of exhaled with his hand open," Good said. "There were other people around at that time, and the homeowner said he was going to call 911."

Day 4

The 911 tape between dispatch and Trooper Todeschini was listened to. A State Police investigator testified that the accident was too severe for the airbags to save Todeschini.

State Police Senior Investigator Dennis Cooper said that Todeschini was traveling at speeds of up to 96 mph during the chase. When he hit the tree on Cherry Street, he was traveling at 59 mph.

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