A slice of turkey in Skaneateles

P&C supermarket saves the day for one Skaneateles family, maybe more ...

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving -- one of the busiest shopping days of the year at any grocery store. Skaneateles' P&C was no exception.

Enter Amy Tormey, a single mom and school teacher from the hamlet of Mottville in Northern Skaneateles.

Tormey is excited to be finishing off her holiday shopping.

She has come to the P&C for the centerpiece of her family's meal, a fresh, 15-pound Plainville Farms Turkey, complete with temperature pop-up, for a perfectly cooked bird.

She entered the P&C all smiles and proceeded to pour over the produce.

"Which one is butternut?" she asked into the air.

Another shopper happily directed her to the correct squash.

Tormey then bounced over to the deli, and was having a grand old time, loving the community experience that comes along with shopping at the P&C. Next she made her way to the butcher, Jason Dellastritto, the keeper of her fresh turkey.

He told her that all he had was a 17-pounder. She told Jason, no problem in that case there will be plenty for him to join in. She said they bantered back and forth and then it was on to the check out. There a man forgot his six-pack of soda. One of the cashiers picked it up and chased out after him, but to no avail. A couple of minutes later, he showed back up. Several people teased him about it, Amy said.

So she paid her total and the cashier asked if she wanted the bird on the base of the cart. "I'll probably forget it, but go ahead," Tormey said.

You guessed it. She got out to the parking lot, transfered her shopping bags to her car and placed her cart in what she calls, "The thing-y."

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