Chittenango: Village beautiful

Mayor Bob Freunscht abstained from a vote on whether to accept the dedication of Schuyler Drive and Jacob Lane Nov. 28. The remainder of the board, minus Trustee Michael Sudol, voted in favor of the measure.

Only one person, Jacob Lane resident Donna Lynch spoke at the public hearing preceding the regular meeting.

"I'm all for it," Lynch said.

Freunscht's abstention comes fromhis also living in the affected area.

The village now assumes responsibility for maintaining the roadways.

In other business

Freunscht said seven houses are up in the new village subdivision.

"I went by there on Thanksgiving, and they were framing two houses," Freunscht said.

A dedication of the reconstructed and revitalized downtown will be held in the spring.

The board discussed plans to relocated the village hall polling place.

"We voted about a year ago to not use village hall for Election Day," Freunscht said. "I thought we changed it then, but it was only for village elections."

Freunscht said the arrangement was fine in the beginning when Election Day was a day off for village offices. Now, Freunscht said, it is a work day, with employees designated an alternate day off.

"So that means court business is being conducted, and people are in here trying to talk about their situations and make arrangements with the clerk while people are lining up to vote," Freunscht said.

Alternate locations include the American Legion and the new library, the latter of which is Freunscht's preference.

"It's right next door, and there's plenty of parking," Freunscht said. "It would have to be cleared by the library board."

A change in state law requires those sitting on planning or zoning boards of appeal to attend four hours of training annually to be qualified to keep those positions.

"If any member does not complete four hours by the end of the year, they will be removed from the board," Freunscht said.

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