Dodge ball!

We're not talking middle school gym class.

Adults from all over Central New York formed 16 teams to participate in a dodge ball tournament recently. The Central New York Family Sports Centre, along with Sports Radio 620, held what they hope to be a semi-annual dodge ball tournament on Sunday July 30.

"We plan on making this a semi-annual event, having one every July and during the Christmas break," said Jon Ramin, who organized the event with the facility's owner, Pete Ramin, and Tournament Director Darren Wynne. "For a first time event, the response was great."

CNY Family Sports Centre, that is celebrating its 10th year of operation, joined more than 15 businesses, restaurants and bars from around the area to sponsor the participating teams as they competed for a $1,000 gift certificate.

"It was great, exhilarating," said Andrew Smith of Baldwinsville, a member of Wally's winning team.

But, the question remains. Why dodge ball?

"Summertime is kind of our downtime indoors at the facility, so we needed to come up with something new," Ramin said. "The idea actually originated from the movie 'Dodgeball' with Ben Stiller."

Sponsors for the tournament included Wally's, Delphia's, Kitty Hoynes, Seneca Grill, Teddy's of Armory Square, Comfort Windows, Bar, Traffic Night Club and the Dark Horse. Their teams battled it out as balls flew back and forth. To avoid injuries, the facility established a no head shot rule for the tournament.

"Safety was a minor concern," Ramin said. "People had a great time and no one was injured."

Competing teams Delphia's and Wally's dodged and ducked their way into the championship game where Wally's was able to come out victorious with a $1,000 gift certificate to Wally's located on State Fair Boulevard in Lakeland.

"Everyone really had a good time," Ramin said. "We look forward to an even better turn out this Christmas."

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