Boy hurt in bike fall

Troy Buono always used to wear a helmet when he road a bike, but lately he started to get a little lax when he saw some of the other kids his age breaking the rules.

On a short one-block jaunt for a slice of pizza, at about 8 p.m. Friday July 7, he decided not to wear the helmet. And on the way back, holding the pizza in a plate in his left hand, steering with his right, he fell off the bike to his left side and decided to save the pizza to the detriment of his head. He was immediately rendered unconscious andremembers only the fall and waking up the next day in the hospital.

I lost my balance, fell off and hit the ground and got knocked out, he said.

Neighbors came out on Sims Lane and called CAVAC to bring him to the closest hospital. When his mother Cindy Buono heard the siren, she suspected something bad.

They took him to Hamilton but there was bleeding inside of his brain so they sent him to Upstate University Hospital, said Cindy Buono. He had a severe concussion and he didn't come to until the next day. He doesn't remember the ambulance rides.

Troy Buono was diagnosed with a fractured skull, a severe concussion, bleeding in his brain and a blood clot between his skull and his brain. After being admitted Friday night, the doctor's wanted to send him home on Tuesday, if he could finish his lunch. His mother knew he wasn't right because he complained of headaches, eye soreness and he wasn't holding his food down. After six hours he eventually finished the sandwich and wanted to go home.

The doctors however, were dissatisfied with how long the lunch took and were hesitant to allow the discharge. Suddenly the boy vomited again and he was re-evaluated. He wound up having surgery on Tuesday to remove the blood clot and to fix the fracture. He had five metal plates put into his head.

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